About the Hosts

“A good book is an event in [one’s] life.” —Stendhal

With Listening to Literature we aim to share our love of literature, writ large, with the Savannah community and beyond. Join us on Fridays, 12:06 p.m.

Leigh E. Rich

In Hamburg (2012), à la John Lennon’s album Rock ’n’ Roll

In the vein of Anton Chekhov, Leigh E. Rich has followed two passions in life: literature and medicine.

A longtime “culture critic,” she is an award-winning writer of editorials, news and feature stories, and reviews, and she has experience as a staff and free-lance journalist for multiple publications in the United States.

She also holds a doctorate in Health and Behavioral Sciences and a master’s degree in Cultural and Medical Anthropology and and has worked or studied in Australia, Denmark, Italy, Russia, and Switzerland.

A professor of Health Services Administration, she teaches courses in bioethics, health law and policy, and social theory.

P. T. Bridgeport

Writer and radio host P. T. Bridgeport

P. T. Bridgeport is a photographer, calligrapher, and uncompensated curmudgeon.

He is a member of the Savannah Art Association Board of Directors and shows work at the Association Art Gallery on Chippewa Square.

He also co-hosts Beyond The Liner Notes with Brian Renner on Fridays and has his own show, When The Moon Sings, on Saturday evenings. He was a trombonist early in life, but went through a program and now lives spit-valve free.