Good Karma

November 24, 2017

Good Karma: A Novel by Christina KellyGood Karma

Christina Kelly

On L2L: November 24, 2017 (click to listen to the episode)

About the Book

Good Karma tells the story of New Jersey residents, Catherine and Ralph, who, with their Boston terrier named Karma, retire to a gated island community in Savannah. What seems like a safe environment is anything but, as Seven Oaks is inhabited by quirky characters, love that’s fizzled, new temptations, and even an alligator named Mr. Peabody. Although Catherine hopes to finally reconnect with her husband now that the diehard workaholic has retired, Ralph has other ideas. He’s always busy, from early morning tee times to late nights with his poker buddies. Then there’s his cozy relationship with their real estate agent, which might be crossing the line between professional and personal. Left to her own devices in this unfamiliar place—and the changing bodies and new challenges that come with getting older—Catherine forges an unlikely bond with an enigmatic thirtysomething divorcée, and she befriends a dashing widower at the dog park. Like their canine companions, Catherine and Fred hit it off instantly. But as they grow closer, Catherine learns that this seemingly ideal man might be too good to be true. With her marriage at a crossroads, will Catherine and Ralph’s shared history hold things together? Or does her future happiness lie elsewhere, if she is willing to take a risk with a potentially life-altering payoff? Good Karma touches on marriage, motherhood, aging, death, and the ongoing struggle to figure out who we are—at any stage in our lives.

About the Author

Author Christina KellyChristina Kelly is a graduate of Vassar College, and she holds an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She has worked as a charter yacht chef, a tennis professional, a dog sitter, and a cruciverbalist—including nine crossword puzzles published in The New York Times. She has an appetite for spoonerisms, a working knowledge of string theory, and a weakness for Peter Cetera songs. When not writing, she likes to play the ad side and visit small towns in Maine. She lives with her husband and their rambunctious Boston terrier on an island near Savannah.

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