Holiday Gift Ideas

December 1, 2017

Pictures of the Gone World by Lawrence FerlinghettiHoliday Gift Ideas

A Selection of Books, New and Old, From a Variety of Publishers

On L2L: December 1, 2017 (click to listen to the episode)

About the Episode

With the holiday season upon us, this week’s episode of Listening to Literature examines some new books, and some old books, that could make good gifts for the book lover in your life. The holidays, though, don’t have to mean buying something from a store. Sharing your favorite work of literature with others or asking someone what he or she has read recently can open undiscovered avenues with family members or an old friend or can start conversations that lead to new friends. This episode features synopses of recent books from a variety of genres as well as excerpts of some classics, including Marcel Proust’s À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (aka In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past), the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “Landor’s Cottage.”


Ronald Keith Gaddie is a co-author of the book The Three Governors Controversy: Skullduggery, Machinations, and the Decline of Georgia’s Progressive Politics, along with Charles S. Bullock III and Scott E. Buchanan. Dr. Gaddie’s last name was inadvertently left out of this episode.

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