WRUU PSA Submission
We at WRUU 107.5 FM not only want to thank you for listening to and supporting Community Radio With Global Soul … we want to support your community efforts and events.

If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and have an event or other information you would like share with the greater WRUU community, please complete the following form. Our team will create a public service announcement (PSA) for you and ensure hosts have both a script and a recording that can be used on air.

Please try to give us approximately 4 weeks lead time to write, record, and get your PSA approved … so that we can get it to hosts well ahead of the event date. If you have questions or a press release you would like to send directly, please contact Leigh E. Rich.

Thank you — from all of us here at WRUU!

Please note:
  • – The sponsoring organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • – PSAs cannot contain calls to action or promotional language
  • – WRUU reserves the right to edit PSAs to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations

Your name will not be included in the PSA.
Please enter your e-mail address so we can follow up with you as needed. This e-mail address will not be included in the PSA.
This phone number will only be used in case we need to folow-up with you. It will not be included in the PSA.
If you would like, you can draft a version of your PSA text and include it here. We will use as much of this as we can, editing it for time and FCC regulations. Or complete the form below, and we will write one for you. Thank you!
Briefly describe the organization and/or its mission.
Please describe what listeners should know about the event(s) or other information to be shared.
Select all that may be applicable.
NB: Cost CANNOT be included in a PSA, but we can inform listeners about whether tickets and/or advance registration are required.
Please include any additional information, as applicable, we should know to create the best PSA possible!